Todd Thomas


Hack Your Toys

Kids have tons of toys at their disposal, especially in the US - many of these toys are cheap, poorly made, and pretty much disposable. There are lots of cool and much more interesting & educational toys out there however that are often too expensive for families to afford. Now - if you HACK your toys - you can turn cheap junk into great things! How to take apart toys you no longer use, what you can scavenge even from the cheapest dollar store toys, and the crazy things you can make from the $5-or-Less store chains out there. Brought to you buy a kid who accidentally made the PC Magazine 16 Coolest Things at the World Maker Faire list by building a working human supporting hovercraft AT the WFMNYC in spare time at the Makerspace Booth he was helping at with spare parts, cardboard boxes, duct-tape, and other junk laying around!

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