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Impact evaluation and metrics

We want to grow, and the community wants us to grow. But what should we be measuring and how? ----- Part of developing as a makerspace and as a nonprofit is learning to tell our unique story and drill down on what our desired outcomes are and what we do to achieve them. Funders expect this information, and it is a big part of marketing, strategy, and operations. On the other hand, our makerspace (like many others) is proudly "generalist". We see ourselves as a "venue", or a "community", where users can access the widest range of tools, where we invite users "of all ages and backgrounds", and where business creation, hobby groups, and game night all take equal billing. We are less like "Books for inmates" and more like the "Public Library" While some very advanced makerspaces may have highly developed programming and reporting in place, it can be hard to see "how to get there from here". How do we tell a compelling story without sliding too far into "what funders want to hear"? How do makerspaces at different stages of development tell their story? What are some outcomes that can be measured and with what metrics? Where to start for an organization that doesn't already have a deep well of experience in non-profit development? This might be appropriate for a panel or for a speaker.

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Elliot Wells (Principal Researcher)

Thanks Nan. I'll PM you in Slack. I don't come over to this site very often

posted 401 day(s) 11 hour(s) ago..

Nan Braun (Principal Researcher)

Elliott.. this needs to tie to Jenn's Work on makerspace data and I can feed you details of what got discussed last year as a kicking off point. .

posted 406 day(s) 23 hour(s) ago..